The problem appears when it is the client who has that common sense, but the lawyer seems to lack it. This, together with the lack of specialization, forms a time bomb whose result will be years of legal war and substantial economic expenses.

Essential Requirements To Find A Family Lawyer

When a marital crisis occurs, the first place to search for rights and obligations is the Internet and especially Google. It is about knowing more about how divorce affects if it is by agreement or is contentious; what measures can a judge adopt and, fundamentally, in what situation we will find ourselves. Many pages will appear, from private offices to public bodies where an attempt is made to answer such questions, from the most basic to the most tangled.

In Google, the search terms are usually “how to find a good family lawyer,” “how to find the best family lawyer in the province of …”. Doing this type of searches we find offices that excel in Google, some for the payment of a fee, other firms are highly recommended in forums and blogs; and other offices that appear have some beautiful pages, and that attracts a lot of attention for the information they offer.

According to my experience, the two primary requirements that a good family lawyer should have are: to be very specialized in this area of law and to have a lot of common sense. Logically there are, besides, other issues to assess that indicate that it is a good family lawyer, such as flexibility, attention to their client, their experience and good practice in court.

Common sense, besides being an essential requirement for any profession, as for any specialization of the legal profession, is even more fundamental in situations of marital crisis; and that because many lawsuits could be avoided, and many agreements could be reached if the lawyers themselves applied something more common sense; this united, of course, to ample and accurate knowledge of the subject.

Since my years of practice as a family lawyer, I can affirm that being part of a large office or a public office does not mean being the “best lawyer.” Sometimes it happens quite the opposite since there could be names of “prestigious” lawyers whose actions with the client and in courts are merely shameful. Yes, their fees seem to justify a great professional work, when the only thing they do is to entangle and increase the conflict between the parties, without solving absolutely nothing. There are also excellent family lawyers who are owners of large offices, as well as great family lawyers who practice on their own, whose knowledge of the subject is impeccable, and who also possess that much needed common sense.

The best family lawyer is one who, applying common sense and extensive knowledge, initially tries to resolve the situation always through an agreement. It is true that the client is the one who finally decides, even against the advice of his lawyer, but it is also true that the lawyer can advise and tell the client that he is wrong, and if he still wants to continue, he should help him as much as possible. Possible so that it does not end up crashing.

With many years of practice as a family lawyer I strongly recommend and as a defense of the professional work of those of us dedicated to this area of law, when looking for a good and topĀ family lawyers Sydney, or want the “best” family lawyer , verify their specialization and prove that they have experience and common sense. If not, go running, prepare the wallet and have a lot of patience to face the rain of lawsuits and complaints that will come along the way.